“Getting writing advice from this successful author has been very helpful and inspiring to me on my path as a creative writer. Juliette shared many useful resources with me during our first session that really got me started with my story, including an outline and character development. I have since switched which story I am … Continue reading -Britt P. – Writer

-Britt P. – Writer

“Juliette is a wonderful teacher and mentor! I’ve loved to write my entire life; and I have notebooks upon notebooks of short essays, life experiences, quotes… pretty much anything that comes to mind! But when it came to writing a novel, although I had many ideas and life experiences to draw inspiration from, my writing … Continue reading Alejandra R. – Writer

Alejandra R. – Writer

I took multiple French classes in both high school and college, and Professor Sobanet’s French class was one of the highlights of my linguistic career. The combination of French language and how she tied it into French culture, while making it a fun learning environment, provided me with the foundation and confidence to speak French … Continue reading Alex K. – George Mason University Student

Alex K. – George Mason University Student

“I have been a Francophile virtually my entire life, and have always wanted to learn French. After a couple of years of high school French and a library of French language books resulting in little or no progress, I decided it was now or never to get serious about learning the language. I found Juliette by … Continue reading Deborah M. – Longtime Francophile & Adult Tutoring Student

Deborah M. – Longtime Francophile & Adult Tutoring Student

Our daughter is in high school and wrapping up her first year in French. She performed well in her French studies at the beginning of the year but as the lessons progressed in difficulty, we saw her confidence begin to waver and identified high potential for lost interest in learning French altogether. We found Juliette … Continue reading Elissa D. – Mother of High School Tutoring Student

Elissa D. – Mother of High School Tutoring Student

Juliette Sobanet has the knowledge and expertise you’d expect in a professional writing mentor, but what makes her invaluable is her insight. She has the ability to look at a piece of my writing with more insight into what it’s really about than I have as the writer.  The result is that, although I’ve only been writing for a … Continue reading Erny R. – Screenwriter & Novelist

Erny R. – Screenwriter & Novelist

Juliette was our very first English teacher when we first arrived in the States from Argentina over 9 years ago, and I didn’t speak any English at that time. Now I speak fluently and confidently, and I have Juliette to thank!  She came to our house twice a week for lessons and we had so … Continue reading Jimena C. & Sebastian P. – Adult English Students

Jimena C. & Sebastian P. – Adult English Students

“I always wanted to share my reincarnation experience with the world. The problem was that getting my book started was a scary and daunting task. Juliette became the catalyst I needed to start my book, and the coach I wanted to finish it. Juliette helped to structure my book in a way that the story … Continue reading Michael G. – Engineer & Writer

Michael G. – Engineer & Writer

Juliette has a warm and encouraging manner. She was able to help my boys stop, focus, and really think about what they were going to write. Their writing improved considerably after working with her over just a few months.

Mom of two busy boys

“Hands down the best professor I’ve had in my 5 years of French. Not only is she friendly, but she is concise in her explanations and cares a lot about your progress. Homework is helpful and not too much. She really helps a lot with the exams!” “After taking French with other language profs at … Continue reading Quotes from College Student French Course Evaluations

Quotes from College Student French Course Evaluations

Juliette showed up in our lives at the end of my daughter’s first year of French in High School.  My daughter was starting to go in a downward spiral in French.  She had a slow start and was behind and didn’t like her teacher.  She was ready to drop French 2 and start a new … Continue reading Roberta C. – Mother of High School Tutoring Student

Roberta C. – Mother of High School Tutoring Student

Miss Sobanet teaches me French and makes it fun!

Sophia G. – 10 Yr Old Tutoring Student