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Juliette Sobanet is an accomplished author and professor with over ten years of professional writing and teaching experience. Juliette has worked with hundreds of students in Paris, New York City, Washington, DC, and in her current home of San Diego, California. She has seen tremendous success with all of her students and she has dedicated her life’s work to bringing her expertise to students all over the globe. Read on to learn more about Juliette’s specific qualifications in the fields of French, English, writing, and the business of writing.


 ♦ french ♦

Juliette holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French from Georgetown University and a Master’s Degree in French Language and Civilization from New York University in Paris. She has spent extensive periods of time living and studying in Paris and Lyon, taking coursework at both the Université Lumière Lyon II and at the Université de Paris III, La Sorbonne Nouvelle. Upon completion of her studies, Juliette became a French professor at George Mason University in Virginia and at Northern Virginia Community College, and she is currently teaching at Grossmont Community College in San Diego, California. She has also taught at the Berlitz Language Centers in both San Diego and New York City. Over the past ten years, she has tutored children, high school students, and adults of all levels in Paris, New York City, Washington, DC, and San Diego. Juliette travels back to France for several weeks every year, and she is currently planning her move to Paris where she will continue to teach this beautiful language to students all over the world through Skype!

 ♦ English ♦

Juliette holds a B.A. from Georgetown University and an M.A. from New York University in Paris. While completing her studies in Paris, Juliette tutored English to French students, helping them polish their English papers and CVs as well as working to improve their conversation, writing, and comprehension skills. Upon completion of her studies, Juliette taught Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) courses at the Berlitz Language Centers in San Diego, California and in New York City using a communicative, total immersion approach. In New York, Juliette also taught ESL Reading and Writing courses to foreign students at the Hello World Language Center. After her work in New York, Juliette took a position as a French professor at George Mason University in Virginia and at Northern Virginia Community College. Over the past ten years, she has taught both English and French to children, high school students, and adults of all levels, and she has seen great success with all of her students. In addition to Juliette’s teaching experience, she is the bestselling author of five novels, a memoir, four short stories, and a book of poetry. She has extensive experience editing and critiquing both fiction and non-fiction for other writers and helping students with creative writing assignments and essays.

♦ writing ♦

Juliette Sobanet is the award-winning, bestselling author of five Paris-based romance and mystery novels, four short stories, a book of poetry, and most recently, her own Paris  memoir. Her books have hit the Top 100 Bestseller Lists on Amazon US, UK, France, and Germany, and her novels have been translated into Italian, Romanian, and Turkish, with more on the way. She has been writing professionally for over ten years and her books have reached over 500,000 readers. Juliette is a blogger for The Huffington Post, and her work has been featured on Kindle Love Stories, USA Today’s Happy Ever After Blog, and on the, where her novels were called “a perfect way to escape to a world far away from your own.” Later in her career, Amazon ran a feature story on how Juliette turned her publishing dreams into a reality on Amazon Success Stories. Juliette holds a B.A. from Georgetown University and an M.A. from New York University in Paris, and she is represented by Kevan Lyon of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

 business of writing ~ a success story 

I have been an extremely creative person my entire life, and I really had no interest in the business aspect of writing. I just wanted to write! But when it came time to get my books off my laptop and into readers’ hands, I decided to dive in headfirst. I joined writers’ organizations and attended conferences where I pitched my first book to agents. I queried agents every single day, keeping a detailed agent spreadsheet and tracking my queries…and my rejections. But, not long after I began the process, my first book won 1st place in the Washington Romance Writer’s Marlene Awards and I signed with my incredible agent. As she was submitting my book to New York publishing houses, I began creating my online platform. I built my first blog on Blogger, set up my Twitter account, and created my Facebook fan page. I began blogging and building buzz for my first release, and after much research, I decided to self-publish my first two novels. I worked my butt off promoting online, sending the books out for review, and trying new strategies to gain momentum. Only four months into my self-publication journey, it worked. My first novel hit #30 on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller List and I went from selling 1,000 books in a month to 11,500 books in one month. I made more than enough money to leave my teaching position at the time, and my dream had come true: I was a full-time writer.

DSCN3031Soon after, I signed a 4-book deal with Amazon Publishing’s romance imprint, Montlake Romance. Next, I signed with Amazon to write a Kindle Serial novel and a short story for their new short story program, StoryFront. The following year, I wrote like a maniac. Seven days a week, night and day, to meet my deadlines, all while continuing to promote and market my first two books.




Since the release of my Montlake books, I have worked closely with a well-known Hollywood producer and director to write the film adaptation of my first novel; I have co-written a friend’s incredible true story; I’ve written and self-published two novellas, a memoir, and a poetry book; and my books have been translated into Italian, Romanian, and Turkish, becoming foreign bestsellers! All on my own, I’ve built a brand new author website on WordPress, a new WordPress blog, and I built this WordPress website for my teaching and coaching business. One of my blog posts gained some serious traction which led to me becoming a blogger for The Huffington Post.  I’ve built a Twitter following of over 19,000 people, and I am continuously writing, promoting, researching, and experimenting with all of the new and exciting ways to reach readers in this ever-changing publishing industry.

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