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IMG_5921Learn French with a dedicated and experienced French professor from the comfort of your own home, and receive your FIRST LESSON FREE! Juliette has been teaching French for over ten years to students of all ages and levels and she is thrilled to offer her customized French lessons to students all over the globe. You will not find another instructor who is more passionate about French language and culture than Juliette. During her first trip to France at age fifteen, it was love at first bonjour and she has dedicated the past twenty years of her life  to mastering and teaching this elegant language. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your French skills, Juliette will help you achieve your language goals in a positive and encouraging environment. She has been a lifelong language learner as well and she understands how challenging it can be. She is here to guide you every step of the way and have fun in the process!



After your first lesson, you can choose hourly lessons or discounted packages. As a new student, you will receive either 25% off your first 1-hour lesson with Juliette or 15% off your first package! Choose the package or number of hours that best suits your needs from the descriptions below, then fill out the Sign-up Form at the bottom of the page, and she’ll be in touch!


Juliette has found students to be even more focused during Skype lessons than they are in person! Most of her local San Diego students–including children and high school students–prefer having their lessons over Skype and have found it to be even more effective than in-person lessons. Plus you have the comfort  of learning from your own home with more scheduling flexibility!


Juliette will video call you on Skype on the date and time you’ve agreed upon for your lesson. As you move through the lesson, Juliette will type detailed notes to you using Skype’s Instant Messaging function. This will include the vocabulary you are learning, verb conjugations, corrections, and anything else relevant to your lesson. The chat history will be a wonderful study guide for you afterward.

High school students or anyone who is working with a specific textbook will simply text a photo of the pages they are covering to Juliette, and she will cover the material in the same manner she would as if she were sitting right next to you. Juliette may email you worksheets or suggest a specific text to work with depending on your personal goals. There are other fantastic tools Juliette uses to facilitate easy learning in your lessons, such as sharing Google Docs, and more!

♦ Juliette’s qualifications ♦

DSCN4194Juliette holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French from Georgetown University and a Master’s Degree in French Language and Civilization from New York University in Paris. She has spent extensive periods of time living and studying in Paris and Lyon, taking coursework at both the Université Lumière Lyon II and at the Université de Paris III, La Sorbonne Nouvelle. Upon completion of her studies, Juliette became a French professor at George Mason University in Virginia and at Northern Virginia Community College. She has also taught at the Berlitz Language Centers in both San Diego and New York City. Over the past ten years, she has tutored children, high school students, and adults of all levels in Paris, New York City, Washington, DC, and in her current home of San Diego, California. Juliette travels back to France for several weeks every year and she is currently planning her move to Paris where she will continue to teach this beautiful language to students all over the world through Skype!

WHat do juliette’s students have to say? 

“I have been a Francophile virtually my entire life, and have always wanted to learn French. After a couple of years of high school French and a library of French language books resulting in little or no progress, I decided it was now or never to get serious about learning the language. I found Juliette by a stroke of good fortune, and, after a few short months, I’m happy to say I can actually have a conversation in French! I can understand more than I ever imagined, and I don’t feel paralyzed at the thought of speaking French to a stranger…in France! Juliette is so encouraging with her instruction, and doesn’t pressure me with anything I don’t feel comfortable with. I highly recommend Juliette to help any lover of Français to achieve their goals and start speaking the most beautiful language in the world.” –Deborah M. ~ Longtime Francophile & Adult Tutoring Student

“I took multiple French classes in both high school and college, and Professor Sobanet’s French class was one of the highlights of my linguistic career. The combination of French language and how she tied it into French culture, while making it a fun learning environment, provided me with the foundation and confidence to speak French while traveling around the world! I still remember the movies and other media she shared, as well as her passion for France and French food. It really left a lasting impression on me!” –Alex K. ~ George Mason University Student

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One 60 minute English lesson: $65 (1st Lesson for new students is only $48 ~ Over 25% off!)

*Discounted Five Class Package: $300 ($60/hour) OR $255 for New Students ~ 15% off!

*Discounted Ten Class Package: $550 ($55/hour) OR $465 for New Students ~ Over 15% off!

*Discounted One Month Intensive ~ 12 Lessons ~ Three one-hour classes/week: $600 ($50/hour) OR $510 for New Students ~ 15% off!

*Packages remain valid up to two months from the date of issue.

Refer a friend and receive 10% off English lessons with Juliette!


Once a lesson or package start date has been agreed upon by both student and instructor, 48 hours’ notice is required to receive a full refund for the lesson or package. Please send an email to juliette.sobanet@gmail.com to cancel. If you cancel after the 48 hour cut-off point, you will be charged for one hour of Juliette’s time at her regular hourly rate of $65. You may also choose to apply the payment toward future lessons with Juliette. If you cancel your first free 45 minute lesson after the 48 hour cut-off point, your next lesson will be a paid lesson.

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3 – Next, you’ll receive a Paypal invoice for the hours or package you have chosen. All fees must be paid in full upon sign-up. You will receive an email confirmation shortly after you submit payment, and then we’ll continue!