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Juliette discussing her publishing experience with a group of Parisian writers.

So, you’ve written your book…now what? How do you get published? Should you self-publish? Should you begin querying literary agents? Should you try to sign with a New York publishing house or one of Amazon’s publishing imprints? How do you market the book and get your baby into readers’ hands? How do you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Goodreads to reach readers?

If you’re clueless (or even just a little bit confused) as to what comes next after you’ve written those magical words The End, you’ve come to the right place! I can help you with the business side of writing because I have spent several years learning, experimenting, and successfully implementing my own business strategies to take my stories from my laptop to my readers! And with over ten years of teaching and mentoring experience, I am the perfect person to guide and motivate you along the way.

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Below you’ll find a small sampling of the business services I offer to help you establish a solid author platform and build your publishing empire. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the list, contact me to find out if I can help!

  • Consulting on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • Deciding which publishing path is best for your book & taking action
  • Writing a killer query letter and landing an agent
  • Developing a self-publishing schedule and business plan
  • Building your personal self-publishing team of editors and designers
  • WordPress Web Design for your all-important author website and blog
  • Writing relevant and engaging content for your website and blog
  • Creating a strong social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Goodreads
  • Setting up your author newsletter on Mailchimp and building your subscriber list
  • Social Media Management for the busy writer who doesn’t have time to tweet!

*Since package sizes will vary based on your individual needs, I will create a personalized quote for you. If you’re interested in hiring me for hourly consulting or ghostwriting, please see the rate schedule below.

If you’re curious about how I turned my creative aspirations into a business, keep reading…


Juliette SobanetI have been an extremely creative person my entire life, and I really had no interest in the business aspect of writing. I just wanted to write! But when it came time to get my books off my laptop and into readers’ hands, I decided to dive in headfirst. I joined writers’ organizations and attended conferences where I pitched my first book to agents. I queried agents every single day, keeping a detailed agent spreadsheet and tracking my queries…and my rejections. But, not long after I began the process, my first book won 1st place in the Washington Romance Writer’s Marlene Awards and I signed with my incredible agent. As she was submitting my book to New York publishing houses, I began creating my online platform. I built my first blog on Blogger, set up my Twitter account, and created my Facebook fan page. I began blogging and building buzz for my first release, and after much research, I decided to self-publish my first two novels. I worked my butt off promoting online, sending the books out for review, and trying new strategies to gain momentum. Only four months into my self-publication journey, it worked. My first novel hit #30 on Amazon’s Top 100 Bestseller List and I went from selling 1,000 books in a month to 11,500 books in one month. I made more than enough money to leave my teaching position at the time, and my dream had come true: I was a full-time writer.

DSCN3031Soon after, I signed a 4-book deal with Amazon Publishing’s romance imprint, Montlake Romance. Next, I signed with Amazon to write a Kindle Serial novel and a short story for their new short story program, StoryFront. The following year, I wrote like a maniac. Seven days a week, night and day, to meet my deadlines, all while continuing to promote and market my first two books.



IMG_1712Since the release of my Montlake books, I have worked closely with a well-known Hollywood producer and director to write the film adaptation of my first novel; I have co-written a friend’s incredible true story; I’ve written and self-published two novellas, a memoir, and a poetry book; and my books have been translated into Italian, Romanian, and Turkish, becoming foreign bestsellers! All on my own, I’ve built a brand new author website on WordPress, a new WordPress blog, and I built this WordPress website for my teaching and coaching business. One of my blog posts gained some serious traction which led to me becoming a blogger for The Huffington Post. I’ve built a Twitter following of over 19,000 people, and I am continuously writing, promoting, researching, and experimenting with all of the new and exciting ways to reach readers in this ever-changing publishing industry.

why work with juliette?

“I always wanted to share my reincarnation experience with the world. The problem was that getting my book started was a scary and daunting task. Juliette became the catalyst I needed to start my book, and the coach I wanted to finish it. Juliette helped to structure my book in a way that the story flowed naturally. As I wrote, she encouraged me to write my real feelings and emotions. She taught me to paint a picture with words. Consistently she would ask for more detail when the story lacked it.

One of the things all people struggle with is time. I have two jobs, a family and plenty of responsibilities to fill my whole day. Juliette helped me make time by scheduling writing sessions for a few hours here and there. Eventually, I had 200 pages written and no one suffered. Juliette also coached me in marketing, publishing and editing strategies. This was extremely helpful for a first-time author like me.

Throughout the process Juliette remained positive, passionate, and optimistic. She listens and understands her clients, and offers advice backed by years of experience. Juliette does what is in the best interest of her client, and is an asset on any writing project.” –Michael G. ~ Engineer & Writer

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♦ PRIVATE Consulting & ghostwriting ♦

Juliette offers private consulting and ghostwriting services if you’re looking for that personal touch to reach the next level in your writing career.

Private Consulting Rates:

Basic Hourly Fee: $75/hour

Discounted 3 Hour Package: $210 ($70/hour)

Discounted 6 Hour Package: $390 ($65/hour)

Discounted 10 Hour Package: $550 ($55/hour)

Ghostwriting Rates:

Basic Hourly Fee: $95/hour

Discounted 10+ Hour Package: $75/hour

*Refer a friend and receive 10% off private coaching & ghostwriting with Juliette!

Refund Policy

Once a coaching or ghostwriting start date has been agreed upon by both student and instructor, 48 hours’ notice is required to receive a full refund. Please send an email to to cancel. If you cancel after the 48 hour cut-off point, you will be charged for one hour of Juliette’s time at her regular hourly coaching rate of $75 or $95 for ghostwriting. You may also choose to apply the payment toward future coaching with Juliette.

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