“Hands down the best professor I’ve had in my 5 years of French. Not only is she friendly, but she is concise in her explanations and cares a lot about your progress. Homework is helpful and not too much. She really helps a lot with the exams!”

“After taking French with other language profs at Mason, I can without a doubt say that Prof. (Sobanet)* is by far the best. She is incredibly helpful, extremely clear and just an all around nice person. She understands how to teach effectively and you will get tons out of her classes. I really can’t say enough nice things about her.”

Professor (Sobanet)* is the best! She is so sweet and nice, and really teaches French well. It is my first year taking French, and she made everything interesting and fun. She is willing to explain everything as much as possible, and always keeps her temper (even when I wouldn’t have!).”

“She is an amazing professor! Even though it was my first year taking french, she made it easy.”

“Everything people say is true; absolutely excellent professor. Really prepares you for the quizzes and tests (which are apparently standard across the department), and is excellent at explaining concepts. I was dreading having to take a foreign language, and she makes it a pleasure. If you can take a class with her, do it.”

“She is an AWESOME French instructor. She speaks clearly and will repeat grammar concepts until she’s blue in the face and sure that everyone’s on board. It’s a great class – take her!”

“What can I say? Mme. (Sobanet)* was THE BEST French professor ever!”

“Professor (Sobanet)* is excellent and has a terrific, vibrant personality. She is also extremely reasonable and very dedicated. If you have the opportunity to take her class, seize it right away!”

“I’m taking the class with her now and she is amazing! Excellent teacher and sooo sweet. You can tell she really cares about her students.”

“The absolute queen of cool…She’s young, but she knows how to teach…truly knows and loves her subject…consider yourself lucky if you’re in her class.”


*When these evaluations were written, Juliette was teaching at George Mason University and at Northern Virginia Community College under her former name of Danielle Mulcahy. Juliette Sobanet is her nom de plume.

Quotes from College Student French Course Evaluations